What to Expect?
A relaxed portrait session that will capture your children and families as they really are – full of life and energy. Looking at photographs that I have captured will warm your heart whether you are looking at them soon after the session or years later, they will make you remember moments and smiles that mean the whole world to you.
Where Do We Take Photos?
I work throughout the DE, MD, and PA tri-state area. Children and families are the most relaxed when they are in a familiar and interesting environment. For that reason, I like to work in and around your home and in local parks. Some of my favorite locations are the Enchanted Woods at Winterthur, Gibraltar Gardens, Valley Garden Park, Bellevue Park, or the Brandywine Park.
What Do We Wear?
Matching outfits are not what my style of photography is all about, so wear whatever makes you you. Coordinating colors and styles usually work the best for family photos.
Expressing your children’s personalities through their clothes will make you remember who they were, so what if their socks don’t match.
What if Children Don’t Want to Cooperate?
Children are children and they may be shy or they may get upset during the session. I will take the time to play and connect with your children. If they are having fun, children will smile with delight, so let them play and be themselves during a photo session. Photos captured during this unforced, dynamic time will be your favorites.
How Do We Schedule a Session?
Please contact the studio for information about scheduling and services.

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